Big ideas for <strong>small wallets</strong>

Big ideas for small wallets

I work with Auckland small businesses, to give tertiary students learning opportunities
international professionals their first kiwi work experience

Auckland based
small business?

I can digitally upgrade your small business way cheaper than a standard marketing agency can! Get unparalleled industry-specific, creative, and personalised marketing that doesn't break the bank.

My social enterprise Little Blue Marketing recruits over 70 local professionals to work on small businesses. I have freelancers from graphic designers to web developers, opening the doors for tertiary students to gain learning opportunities and international professionals to get their first kiwi work experience, because, how else are they to get experience?

They are highly skilled university students and internationals looking for work.
Don't have time for interviews, money for new employment, or know what to look for?
I have assessed, vetted, and benchmarked their abilities for you.

Parcelbox New Zealand

ParcelboxNew Zealand Courier Delivery? Easy. View Pitch Deck WHAT WE DO Parcelbox New Zealand is a user-pays parcel locker and is the world’s first to come equipped with: Street-facing LED billboards E-Commerce Store Live Chat We...
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Happy to Introduce Premium Charts Elementor Widget Premium Charts widget allows you to create amazing data charts inside Elementor. You can create almost any kind of charts with tons of customization options. Discover More Fancy...
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Website Hosting

CHEAP WEB HOSTING IN AUCKLAND Does your website load within 3 seconds? It should.   But it shouldn’t cost over $300 a year to run. The cost to operate and maintain your website eats into...
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The Gig Economy is here.

Can you afford another salary worker?

I provide your business with freelancers as opposed to permanent hires – giving you the flexibility to scale as needed. I have 100’s of highly skilled freelancers, university students, and international professionals: Front-end Web Developers, Google Ads specialists, Retail Inventory, Graphic Designers, Animation, CRM, to UX… Whatever you need.

What’s in it for me?

  • Save time and skip the interviewing process
  • Guided selection so the professional you’re connected with is best suited for your specific business needs
  • Save money by not paying agency fees or full-time staff
  • Zero Commitment – no contracts, cancel any time (haven’t had any yet!)

What do you do exactly?

MJP Digital Marketing is a 1-to-1 network of freelancers who, with some community support, assess, vet, and benchmark each freelancer’s abilities for you. Each member (professionals and students alike!) have varied strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and challenges – but to support their growth (and yours!) I’m taking out the guesswork, so you can get on with your job while someone else sorts out the niggly parts of business growth. I do the phone screening, performance evaluation, knowledge gathering, and portfolio assessments to find a freelancer who suits you – and businesses whom suit them.


You may be wondering… How do I function in a team? What is my leadership style? Do i work better independently vs a group? Check out what others have said below!

Ash Meredith

When I made my decision to venture into NZ, I contact 8 companies with simple requests for a medium-sized $20,000 project, Marks...
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Kshemal Desai

As a student, I needed recommendations for my next step to gain more experience of what I am studying. Mark did an amazing...
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Steven Su

It was my pleasure to work with Mark, for two of our group projects in 2016, at AUT University. The first project...
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Chloe McCleod

I worked with Mark on the entrepreneurial venture ‘Dogs Wardrobe’, and our team was awarded first place in the ENTR505 entrepreneurship competition. Mark...
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Kirsten Chen

Mark and I first became acquainted with the Personal Finance FINA604 paper, where he demonstrated his aptitude and discipline to learn the...
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Kiran Sahota

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark for 2 years, during which we have worked on several projects together. These projects...
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Dr Kate Jones

As one of the most critical thinking students I have taught in the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) I can recommend Mark as...
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Logo Design

Just starting out? I can uplift Your Brand Image.

  • High Quality In Affordable Prices
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • 24 Hrs Turnaround time
  • 100% Ownership Rights

A logo is a brand’s visual identity and we assure of making it appealing and alluring. Here, have a sneak peek into my portfolio.

New Zealand China Friendship Soceity

A non-profit charity nurturing the relationship between New Zealand and China people.

1 Hour Repair Logo

1 Hour Repair

Auckland based mobile repair Service+ shop

Accounting Skills

An Early-Learning Centre for BAS Accountant students in Auckland

Wireless Nation New Zealand

Telecommunications Provider in Auckland

CWK Accountants Manukau Auckland Logo

CWK Accountants

A 3rd tier BAS Accountancy firm in Auckland

MATRIX Property Vision

Australasian Real Estate and Investment Firm

Hong Kong Student Society Logo

Hong Kong Student Society

HK University student-led group

Koru Maru Social Club Logo

Koru Maru Social Group

Japanese / Kiwi University student-led group

KC Partners Chartered Accountants

CPA / CA Accounting Firm in Auckland

Marketing Blog

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When to Be Redundant, Repetitive, and Say the Same Thing Twice

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2010 – 2018

Bachelor of Business: Market Insights: Marketing, Advertising, Retail, and Sales. Entrepreneurship, Design, Mandarin Chinese

Market Insights focuses on an omnichannel integrated approach to brand creation, development, and execution.

Extra Activities: Student Representative, Mobile App Tester, Website BETA Tester, Student Mentor

Westlake Boys High School

2004 – 2009

NCEA Level 2: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, P.E, Outdoor Education, Economics, Law

Extra Activities: Form 6 Squash Team Leader Senior Librarian Bike-Club member Duke of Edinborough Award

Additional Tools for the trade

Linkedin Learning

  • Content Marketing: Videos
  • Delivering Bad News to a Customer
  • Marketing Automation with HubSpot
  • Social Media Marketing: ROI

Hubspot Academy

  • Social Media Certification
  • Inbound Marketing Certification

Google Academy

  • Adwords Fundamentals
  • Google Ads Fundamentals
  • Google Web Designer Basics
  • Google my Business

Kate Jones, Marketing Professor, AUT University

As one of the most critical thinking students I have taught in the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) I can recommend Mark as a business person who will ask the really hard questions. This is a difficult skill to develop and is not to be under-appreciated.

Mark has a critical approach to the typical “ways of doing business” and in my view, this approach is one of the stand-out ways of thinking that business needs, especially for businesses faced with twenty-first-century changes.

If you as a business want a person who is unafraid of challenging the status quo, who can see how to improve business processes for better customer experiences, and who brings an intelligent approach to work – you need to contact Mark.

Dr. Kate Jones

Marketing & Communications: AUT University

Clubs and Organisations

I am an active member of many international and business groups – Chinese, Japanese, and beyond.

New Zealand China Friendship Society

Executive Board Member, Auckland
Marketing & Communications Committee

The New Zealand China Friendship Society has had sixty years of experience working with China. They have a reputation in China and New Zealand to foster people-to-people links, whether through sister cities, sister-schools, friendship associations at all levels, or personal communication.

  • To promote friendship, understanding and goodwill between the peoples of China and New Zealand by encouraging visits and exchanges of ideas, information, culture and trade between the two countries
  • To foster interest in and promote the study of China, its history, culture, political and social structures – past and present
  • To support specific aid projects in China
  • To promote the study of the Chinese language by New Zealanders and advanced English studies in this country by Chinese
  • To foster ongoing development of all sister-city links between New Zealand and China
  • To assist both visiting students and new migrants from China requiring help to fit into New Zealand society

Koru Maru Social Club Logo

Koru Maru Japan New Zealand

Founding Member

Now called Hello Chatty; a community group that provides opportunities to practice a language through chatting with new friends. If you are willing to improve your English or Asian languages, we believe that Hello Chatty will be a help in your learning. Provide a fun social atmosphere for people all over the world to come and enjoy life in New Zealand Regular meetups, nights out, Short trips and more! 

Hong Kong Student Society Logo

Hong Kong Student Society


The Hong Kong Student Society (HKSS) was established to promote Hong Kong/New Zealand culture through a wide range of activities. By uniting members through these activities, HKSS aims to represent Hong Kong culture in our rich, culturally diverse university, The University of Auckland. Our connection between Hong Kong and New Zealand allows us to help students understand, and adapt to New Zealand’s way of life. We are an organisation that brings students together to socialise and experience Hong Kong’s unique culture.

NZCTA New Zealand China Trade Association

New Zealand China Trade Association

Young Associate Member

The New Zealand China Trade Association’s mission is to promote and strengthen trade and investment relations between New Zealand and the People’s Republic of China.

  • Create awareness of trade opportunities and relationship initiatives between New Zealand and the People’s Republic of China
  • Foster an active community of members comprised of New Zealand-China traders and those with an interest in doing business with China
  • Organise trade missions to China and provide members with access to China business intelligence