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Kiran Sahota

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark for 2 years, during which we have worked on several projects together. These projects involved an omnichannel approach to implementing marketing and communication strategies, brand personality development, and the connection with and direct collaboration with businesses and business mentors.

We strived for and achieved A+ grades for our projects which left a favourable impression with our senior faculty.
Above all, I was impressed with Mark’s ability to generate creative, out of the box ideas and build on them to make them a reality. Mark is vibrant and passionate and often stayed up researching and investigating those ideas. His ability to lead a very diverse team from very different backgrounds ensured everyone’s ideas and opinions were heard equally – it was effective and pragmatic. His relentless ambition and commitment to achieve goals elevated the team and morale to finalise with results exceeding expectations.

His collaborative, outgoing, and extroverted personality created an inclusive environment where every idea from each member was encouraged, entertained, and investigated with the possibility of becoming part of our project.
Mark would be a true asset for any position requiring a skilled digital and communications marketer and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

 Kiran Sahota, Customer Success Manager, ZAVY

March 11, 2017, Marketing and International Business, AUT University
Kiran and Mark were students together

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Dr Kate Jones

As one of the most critical thinking students I have taught in the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) I can recommend Mark as a business person who will ask the really hard questions. This is a difficult skill to develop and is not to be under-appreciated. Mark has a critical approach to the typical “ways of doing business” and in my view, this approach is one of the stand-out ways of thinking that business needs, especially for businesses faced with twenty-first-century changes. If you as a business want a person who is unafraid of challenging the status quo, who can see how to improve business processes for better customer experiences, and who brings an intelligent approach to work – you need to contact Mark

Dr Kate Jones, Marketing & Communications Professor, AUT University

2014-2018, Kate was Mark’s Lecturer, Marketing, Advertising, Retail, and Sales