Mark John Price

The Gig Economy is here.

Can you afford another salary worker?

I provide your business with freelancers as opposed to permanent hires – giving you the flexibility to scale as needed. I have 100’s of highly skilled freelancers, university students, and international professionals: Front-end Web Developers, Google Ads specialists, Retail Inventory, Graphic Designers, Animation, CRM, to UX… Whatever you need.

What’s in it for me?

  • Save time and skip the interviewing process
  • Guided selection so the professional you’re connected with is best suited for your specific business needs
  • Save money by not paying agency fees or full-time staff
  • Zero Commitment – no contracts, cancel any time (haven’t had any yet!)

What do you do exactly?

MJP Digital Marketing is a 1-to-1 network of freelancers who, with some community support, assess, vet, and benchmark each freelancer’s abilities for you. Each member (professionals and students alike!) have varied strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and challenges – but to support their growth (and yours!) I’m taking out the guesswork, so you can get on with your job while someone else sorts out the niggly parts of business growth. I do the phone screening, performance evaluation, knowledge gathering, and portfolio assessments to find a freelancer who suits you – and businesses whom suit them.