Mark John Price


You may be wondering… How do I function in a team? Don’t take my word for it… Read what others have said!

Diverse background

I’m a self-motivated, global-minded, and critical marketer, with exceptional team cooperation in quick and tense environments. I have built a few startups, created marketing strategies that align with business goals, and worked everywhere from small business to large corporate environments. 


I share my thoughts openly within a team environment and embrace dissenting opinions that conflict with my own as well – it’s your business, if you’re not happy, I’m not doing my job. 


I bring strong links to theory supported by a diverse industry background, particularly in the Services and Technology sectors. Utilising technology to transform a business is my passion. “I’m sure there’s a faster/easier/more enjoyable way to do this” is my catchphrase. Being on top of the latest innovation takes work – I keep up with the latest design, marketing, and social trends. Particularly skilled at identifying customer pains that other marketers overlook.

Digital Marketing Manager


    • 2017
    • Right Minds Media
    • Auckland General, New Zealand
  1. Internet Marketing Consultant
    • 2017 – PRESENT
    • Hire Bouncy Castle
    • Auckland General, New Zealand
  2. Brand Development Manager
    • 2017 – PRESENT
    • The Veda Club
    • Auckland General, New Zealand
  3. Billing Specialist
    • 03/2016 – 04/2016
    • Vocus Communications
    • Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand
  4. Healthcare Coordinator
    • 11/2016 – 01/2017
    • Healthcare Rehabilitation NZ Ltd
    • Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand
  5. ESL English Teacher
    • 08/2014 – 08/2015
    • Maple Leaf Education: TEDA International School
    • Binhai, Tianjin, China
  6. Small-Medium Enterprise Customer Service Representative
    • 04/2012 – 08/2014
    • Spark NZ Ltd
    • Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand
  7. Marketing Manager
    • 10/2006 – 10/2013
    • MaJo Mobiles Ltd
    • Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand
  8. Assistant Trainer
    • Temporary: 08/2011 – 12/2011
    • NetOne International Ltd
    • Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand
  9. Provisioning Customer Service Representative
    • 02/2010 – 07/2011
    • Vodafone NZ Ltd
    • Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand
  10. Retail Assistant
    • 10/2008 – 12/2009
    • Lion Nathan (LK) Ltd
    • Forrest Hill, Auckland, New Zealand
  11. Retail Sales Advisor
    • 09/2007 – 10/2008
    • Kings Plant Barn
    • Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

CV / Resume


Entrepreneurship / Startups
3 years
2 years
Management / Team Leadership
3 years
2 years
Telecommunications / Services
5 years
4 years

Clean history

I believe in transparency. To prospective employers, rest assured you can feel safe in your decision to hire me.

As evidenced by documentation from the Ministry of Justice, you will find that I still have a clean criminal history (Ministry of Justice 30/Jan/2017).

I have a clean credit history and, I also have a clean driving license (zero demerits).

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Past photos

11539589_963348407029989_1073793368196542939_n11150660_929540727077424_439025137914172506_n11201869_929541390410691_3806337013264564792_n995077_947394881958675_8848072235766320324_nTelecom's T-Party

Work Experience - Summary

McMillan Woods Auditing Brand Logo

McMillan Woods Auditing New Zealand

McMillan Woods NZ is a 3rd Tier BAS firm (accounting, audits, legal, and financial services). They are a member of a 65+ global network with more than 2500 offices.
KC Partners Chartered Accountants and Y K Chong Associates Auditing combined to form McMillan Woods New Zealand. Accounting Skills (formally Accounting Career Connect) is an early learning programme for accounting graduates, a sub-brand, which trains graduate students how to become fully qualified BAS Accountants – and is a sub-brand of KC Partners CA.

  • Formulated branding, stationery, and collateral for 4 brands
  • Created the marketing strategy and marketing plan for their SME growth strategy as well as their subsidiary Accountant Career Student Outreach program.
  • Implement HubSpot CRM and train management on the system
  • Created, tested, measured, and executed inbound marketing campaigns across digital and traditional channels
    Formulated on-boarding processes for new customers, clients, and staff hiring.
  • Managed and trained 5 marketing interns

Parcelbox New Zealand

Parcelbox New Zealand Logo with slogan

X-Challenge Competition 2017
AUT University

ON: Pitch Competition 2019
Niesh & LION Foundation

  • Parcelbox New Zealand “Courier delivery? Easy” is the world’s first autonomous parcel locker, with LED Advertising billboards, and an e-commerce platform.
    It’s my startup venture, that seeks to change the consumer experience by providing effortless parcel deliveries to New Zealanders.
  • The electronic parcel lockers target residents of high-density dwellings. Customers are able to track their parcels, regardless if they are international, or national. Parcelbox holds them for 48 hours before being returned to the Post Depot. Customers also get support from a Live Chat feature that integrates seamlessly with their existing social media platforms

Green Mobile Repair

Green Mobile Repair, formerly GCG Computing Ltd, started out as a family-owned SME who only built traffic via TradeMe and word of mouth, and operating outside of a residential premise. I coached and directed the growth into a Service (+ Retail) franchise, creating now one of the most recognisable Mobile Repair services in Auckland. I love working with small business, it requires creative approaches to overcoming tough obstacles such as maximising ROI with a smaller budget, and working with GMR I achieved that.

  • Hubspot Service CRM
  • ManyChat Facebook Chatbot
  • MailChimp Email Automation
  • Buffer Social Automation
  • WooCommerce, Facebook, and TradeMe e-commerce shops (integrations).

I coached Joe through digital and social initiatives to be relevant to his customers. Together, we created an omnichannel business, to interact and effortlessly engage with customers using a multitude of tools and techniques. We formed additional strategic partnerships to improve the supply chain and broadened his regional presence utilising networks and connections to uncover opportunities to scale his business.

Wireless nation New Zealand

Wireless Nation is a Telco specialising in Fibre (VoIP, Cable over Fibre, RBI, and 4G for apartments).

  • I was first employed to develop, plan, and promote Fibre/Metro 4G plans through a combination of Google Ads, Social Media content, RBI Wireless Consumer-Explainer videos, and traditional targeting methodology.
  • Helped review phase 1 of their Chatbot, updated reports
  • Updated and cleaned data in the CRM.
  • Investigated, analysed, constructed, and reported findings based on extensive quantitative data, trade publications, consumer adoption reports, and various technical documents. I simplified this information and made recommendations in a report for Wireless Nation’s global growth strategy objectives: Investigate whether a potentially viable market segment existed for satellite broadband in the Melanesian and Polynesian regions,
    Download commercially open document here:

Right Minds Media New Zealand

Right Minds Media NZ (“Freedom for Right Thinking”) is an “Alternative News” startup with a focus on New Zealand politics to advocate and open conversations around Capitalism, Free Speech, Transparency, and Evidence-based Opinions. RMNZ was founded in late 2016, only as a Facebook forum aimed at bringing together ‘like-minded’ people who closely followed the US Presidential Elections with the rise of Donald Trump. They’re based in Auckland – reaching Otago, Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Whangarei… and growing.
I rebranded RMNZ from a predominantly conservative facebook group to a respected centrist media outlet – growing readership and viewership by 350% in 4 months.

  • Reconstructed their business model, expanded their target segments
  • Created growth strategy by leveraging niche but active bloggers, content creators, and recruited student journalists.
  • Upgraded the imagery of the site
  • Generated traffic by leveraging engaged communities.
  • This was achieved by overhauling the core brand (emphasizing pillar values to lessen advocacy) to ensure it was digestible to mass market centrist viewers – changing their mission “boost social awareness and extend dialogue for political views – free speech, economics, and social policy”

Vocus Communications

  • TEMP ROLE: I maintained financial accounts by processing customer adjustments and recommended potential products or services to management by collecting customer information analyzing customer needs.
  • Received payments from end-users and contributed to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

The Dog Wardrobe

🏅 WINNER – Entrepreneurship Competition
AUT University

The Dog Wardrobe is a company specialising in clothing and apparel for K9 pets.

  • Crafted the brand onion with consumer perception considerations
  • Created the go-to-market strategy
  • Created and maintained relationships with credible suppliers
  • Developed new products: Super 15 outfits
  • Pulled a team together, and through my leadership, the team won the AUT Entrepreneurship competition

Healthcare Rehabilitation Limited

TEMP ROLE: I was responsible for supporting the logistical operation between clients and theirrespective support workers. During my time, I improved the efficiency of the tools used by staff bystrategically inserting new technology, to coincide with existing traditional models. This was a temporary assignment over Christmas.

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems 中国枫叶教育集团

English teacher for one of the most prestigious and strongly branded schools in China. The school has multiple campuses under the umbrella of the Canadian name: Maple-Leaf. Given the demographic proportion of students, it has allowed me to access a network of senior positioned parents in various industries.

  • Educated 80 students emphasising critical thinking through small group activities which needed planning, implementing, monitoring, and assessing of a classroom instructional program consistent with Maple Leaf goals.
  • Designed seasonal programs emphasising vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension and created monthly academic status reports based on in-depth student evaluations.
  • I assisted the department head in establishing daily schedules and ESL activities that were easy for the children to follow.
  • Identified signs of emotional and developmental problems and coordinated parent-teacher conferences 6 times during the school year. 

Spark New Zealand

  • Managed customer calls effectively and efficiently in a complex, fast-paced and challenging call-centre environment responding to technical support needs utilising a variety of diagnostic tools.
  • Upskilled 6 times gaining extensive knowledge in PSTN, ISDN, Centrex, Mobile Data, iPhone, Android, Windows OS systems, and General Billing Support for end-users both internally and externally.
  • Provided documentation on first level troubleshooting of processes to help desk staff.
  • Integrated within teams to constructively initiate efficiency mechanisms within the call centre.
  • Residential PSTN and Mobile Data related faults.

Majo Mobiles NZ Ltd

  • Sourced merchandise from Hong Kong and Beijing (Imports)
  • Committed to a piercing pricing strategy to generate demand and increase distribution of telecommunication and clothing apparel around NZ
  • Consumer target was aimed at Chinese migrants and fashion-forward New Zealanders who were financially constrained

Vodafone New Zealand

  • I worked the majority of my employment 30 hours per week, with up to 45 hours – as I usually jumped at chances of overtime work
  • Telecommunication expertise – both provisional and some technical
  • Managed high call volume and initiated operational efficiency improvements with tact and professionalism for overall call centre productivity with queries from billing to relocation and provisional
  • Consistent technique and learning improvement – often learning outside my job description in order to achieve the highest possible customer support
  • One of the few agents who would personally monitor and assure escalations (most upset customers) is treated with Gold Standard.
  • Offered training for the Customer Retention team for Vodafone as resulting from numerous customer comments on my Net Promoter Scores and First Call Resolution results


  • ID25 policy
  • General sales
  • Product placement
  • Customer Acquisition

Kings Plant Barn

  • First job