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Parcelbox New Zealand is a user-pays parcel locker and is the world’s first to come equipped with:

We want to bring users products local to them, support kiwi business, and solve problems effortlessly.

Who likes contacting a call centre anyway?

Mark Price


“Our mission is to be New Zealand’s preferred destination of parcel deliveries within 5 years by transforming our postal industry into a secure, transparent, and effortless experience”


We thought about who we are, what the service essentially is, and what our long term values would be. 

These values reflect us, as a team, and how we might wish for Parcelbox to be moving forward.



Out with the old and embrace the new. We are ever evolving.

Effortless Experiences

Every plan, product, and service that we implement, moving forward, must have frictionless at it's core. If it adds effort - it gets discarded.


We trust each other - and we want our customers to trust us.

Prior to the launch of Parcelbox, we aim to have recruited and integrated 10 of courier companies. They will need to be trained in how to use the system. The network system will also need to be operational, with the required test runs completed, and any issues fixed as they occur.



Registered customers pay a small $2.00 fee to get their online purchases directed to the Parcelbox address. Our app sends them a notification when the parcel arrives – and if they choose to provide us with a tracking number – the consumer can monitor their international packages from within the app. 


When the parcel arrives at the Parcelbox, consumers have 48-hours to swoop by and pick it up – scanning the QR code, or typing in the 4-digit pin that is unique to that delivery. If the parcel is not picked up >within 48 hours, the courier (on their next delivery route) returns the parcel back to the depot.


As identified in our Service Blueprint, the customer receives notifications along the journey of their package, and when the package is ready to be retrieved, the customer is sent a notification via the Parcelbox App (iOS and Android), along with a generated code. The consumer types this code into the EPB and the corresponding anonymous locker is opened. The customer is then charged $1.00 for using the service upon completion of the transaction.


If a customer purchases a product online, they can choose to have the product delivered to one of the many Parcelbox electronic boxes.

Native iOS App

Waiting for parcels is a hassle.

Luckily, Parcelbox has an App which you can track your parcels (provided you give us the tracking number), of all your international and domestically delivered parcels. Parcel delivery can be easy! It’s early days, and though we have lots of ideas, we are going to keep it under wraps for now – but here, is a snippet of what to expect.

Consumer Benefits

  • Consumers do not have to wait at home for their courier deliveries
  • No more ‘Card2Call‘ anxiety; get your parcel when you feel like it
  • Get parcels FASTER with business delivery times (before 9:00 AM) rather than the “before 5:00 PM” times for residential
  • Provides consumers with elite experience from POS to parcel delivery
  • Secure and effortless alternative to regular parcel delivery


The project started out as a university assignment; a Group Project that combined all elements of Marketing, Advertising, Retail, and Sales (M.A.R.S.) into one. We had to design, implement, and facilitate Social Media campaigns for a fictitious product or service. It just so happened, when conducting our research in the assignment, we realised we worked very well together and decided the project had merit. 

We have refined the strategies and concept, and now are seeking seed capital and angel investment for our MVP. Parcelbox is a proven model. New Zealand consumers can now enjoy an innovative, convenient, low-involvement alternative to the traditional method of parcel collection.

The assignment brief can be found here.

Allocation of Marks (what work counts for what) can be found here.

Final Assignment (receiving a grade of A+) can be found here.


AUT X-Challenge Entrepreneurship Competition


The Lion Foundation & Niesh Competition

A+ Grade

Awarded for this project

Our Team

We love our multicultural and equal opportunities starting point.

Small Profile

Mark Price


Key Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities


Quality Assurance

Data analytics



Kiran Sahota


Key Responsibilities

Risk management


International Relations

Our Advisors

Thank You!

We consulted with a range of helpful authoritative voices in the digital advertising and logistics space. We would like to extend our many thanks.


Ad Agency

Unleashing Potential

Marketing agency

LUMO Media

Outdoor advertising


ad agency

QMS Media

Outdoor Advertising

APN Outdoor

Outdoor advertising

New Zealand Post



Satisfy your anxieties with samples of our research.

Competitive Landscape

SWOT Analysis, PESTLE environment, and Porters 5 Forces on direct and indirect competitors.

Primary Market Research

We have consumed over sources of Trade Publications, international research, and combed through analytics.

Pitch Deck & Offer

Here you will find our PowerPoint pitch deck, crowdsourcing efforts, and various forms of investment packages to suit.

Brand Elements

Main Logo

Parcelbox New Zealand Logo with slogan
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Colour Schema


Vs next competitor


Invest Now

  • $45,000: App development
    $15,000: cost of first unit (shipping, installation, utilities, etc)
  • $10,000 (approx): regulatory costs from local councils + MBI registrations
  • $17,500: Expansion
  • $2,500: advertising and marketing

Stage: Pre-Startup/R&D
Ideal Investor Role: Weekly Involvement
Minimum investment per investor: $900
Investment Objective: $90,000