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Pitch Deck & Offer

Investor Corner

Pitch Deck and Investment Offer


Download a copy of our latest pitch deck. 

Our 5 minute deck was used at The Lion Foundation & Niesh’s ON:Pitch competition, where we were Semi-Finalists.

Our 20 minute pitch deck was used for the AUT X-Challenge competion, where we were Finalists.

Investment Options

Investment Summary

Stage: Pre-Startup/R&D
Ideal Investor Role: Weekly Involvement
Minimum investment per investor: $900
Investment Objective: $90,000

  • $45,000: App development
    $15,000: cost of first unit (shipping, installation, utilities, etc)
  • $10,000 (approx): regulatory costs from local councils + MBI registrations
  • $17,500: Expansion
  • $2,500: advertising and marketing