Steven Su

It was my pleasure to work with Mark, for two of our group projects in 2016, at AUT University. The first project was a market analysis of Denny’s Restaurant. It involved identifying core issues for the brand, as well as seeking out potential growth opportunities for Denny’s Restaurant to appeal to a wider audience. The second project, Nabbox, was about creating an entirely new electronic postal service and changing how NZ Consumers receive parcels. Under his leadership, we implemented numerous marketing and communication strategies for both projects. Mark was a valuable asset to our team. Mark is very honest, and having him in the group was great as he would openly and transparently share his ideas and knowledge with others within the team when we needed help. He never came across as condescending, nor berated anyone, and it was this helpful attitude that blended the different strengths of our members together. Truly, Mark is a very hardworking person – he stayed up brutal hours to ensure the targets were met and was always available and punctual with our weekly meetings. He delivers his work at high standards and met requirements set by the team. He would address complex issues with patience, foresight, and confidence. Mark pushed forward with the little hurdles we faced along the way. Along with Mark mix of experience, he led us to achieve an A+ for both of our projects. Mark is truly a team player, fosters positive discussions, and bring the best out of us. Without a doubt, I would recommend Mark to any company that would approach him as he will be a valuable asset to your team.

Steven Su, AUT University

March 20, 2017, Mark worked with Steven in the same group

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